Etopia is like no other business. 
We align three fundamental pillars: sustainability, society and technology.
We create socially-impactful, innovative low carbon buildings and communities.

We aim to solve global housing and environmental crises for the long term.
Joe Daniels - Founder - project etopia

our vision

“Ours is a philosophy within a social economic movement; a new sustainable vision where energy, Net Zero, low carbon housing and IOT technology create a utopian-like world.

Our houses improve environment and society while helping people. After all, housing is ultimately a human commodity. What people need to see is that there's a pathway to somewhere new.”

Etopia was conceived by our founder, Joseph Michael Daniels

our values

We aim to become the leading impact company in sustainability around the world. We share pioneering thought leadership. We build a different future. We believe in empathy. We push boundaries, solve challenges and invent powerful, practical solutions.

“The three pillars of sustainable development; economic, social and environmental resonate strongly with me. We care deeply about our planet, future generations, resources and society. We are about making environmentally-positive solutions work in the real world; both socially and economically. The way we deliver true benefits in these areas is with passionate, consummate professionalism and a dedication to real world change, aligned with the unshakeable belief that we can and will do better.”

Global Brand & Strategic Partnerships Director, Rosanna Lawn

“The need for good quality Net Zero sustainable housing is evident throughout the world. Only by changing the way we build; building faster, better quality and more sustainable homes on a scale never before seen are we going to solve the housing crisis. Modern methods of construction (MMC), IOT and the most innovative energy generation and storage techniques all have their part to play. They can deliver solutions to create a better, more sustainable world.”

Etopia Executive Director, Alex Fink 
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people globally live in sub-substandard accommodation.
of all carbon emissions in the world come from building and construction.
“Housing is an environmental and human crisis - we tackle both simultaneously. 
That's why we're here.”
“We are making housing more environmentally friendly and affordable, more quickly for ordinary people – the knock on effect from that is a better lifestyle, that lives with these people forever.”
Joseph Michael Daniels, CEO & Founder of Etopia
a new level of shelter...

For 1.8 billion people living in homelessness and inadequate shelter… Etopia can be a solution.

a new level of equality...

For people and planet, Etopia conceives a new level of equality, from a new starting point.

a new level of scale...

For a world threatened by climate crisis, Etopia creates houses that combine economics with scale.

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Take a look at some of the projects we've undertaken over the last few years.
Our projects
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Join our pioneering new world.
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