The Etopia system is unique in a way that it combines energy, construction and intelligent technologies (Ecitech) to truly build the homes of the future, pioneering Eco-MMC. MMC to us no longer refers solely to the construction method used, it is the thought process and harmonising of these three key industries that ensures the end product is not only modern today but for years to come. Project Etopia's Corby site is part of the BEIS building for 2050 project and are the only company already building to meet the future of housing standards 2025.

The energy technology -

Energy generation
and storage

Sustainability is a core focus of our business, currently construction activities account for nearly 40% of the world's CO2 emissions. At Project Etopia we aim to address this problem by using build methods that dramatically reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore all of our homes incorporate the very latest in energy generation and storage technology meaning that we aim to pay off the carbon debt of our homes within 5 years. 

Project Etopia is now one of the highest performing scalable house builders, with EPC calculations of up to 105(A)/100 at our pilot scheme Etopia Corby, compared to the average new build rating of 60 (D). Annually our homes emit -0.7 tonnes of CO2, compared to traditional builds that emit 6 tonnes. This means over a 25 year mortgage period we have a positive impact of 167 tonnes on the environment, equivalent to taking an average car off the road for 36 years, just by building an Etopia home.

construction technology -

The build system

Project Etopia uses a pioneering, light weight, high performing, structurally insulated panellised build system that is manufactured off site and delivered onsite. Our builds are extremely high performing and beyond passive in design (2x passive). Currently we can deliver up to 2000 high quality, energy efficient homes per year that can be designed to any specification. It is the world’s first ‘global ready’, any weather, BDA Agrément approved, stock and store paneling system, designed and engineered in the United Kingdom. 

The intelligent technology -

The smart home system

To truly be modern, affordability and sustainability is not enough, the home also needs to be smart. All of our homes are embedded with the latest in smart home technologies and appliances which are both sourced externally and developed internally to create the ultimate smart home.

Panel performance.

Class-leading thermal value

0.13u value with a lightweight
panel structure

Exceptional strength

Structural loading strength
of 825kn/80 tonnes

Hurricane proof

Our system can handle winds
exceeding 472 kph

Structural fire resistance

Fire resistance grade A. 
Burn time of 77 minutes

Air tightness

Ultra high air tightness, 0.3/m3/h.m2. Our builds can be made flood proof


The heaviest panel we use is 97kgs.
So we do not need cranes for our builds

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