Our sustainability vision aligns with The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.
We are developing our global approach, scaling up and proving how we meet our objectives. We aim to become the global thought leader and corporate embodiment of the United Nations goals.
Further, we are determined to become the leading impact company in sustainability around the world; heading up development of top level global sustainability policy and practice by 2030.

We’ve chosen these specific SDGs to guide our work; ensuring we build sustainability quickly and for the long term.

illustration poverty - Project Etopia

We have a social obligation to end poverty in all its forms, everywhere across the world. Poverty brings pain, suffering and an inability to contribute our utmost to society and planet.

The evidence: how are we meeting this SDG?

Etopia trained six Namibian locals to erect an affordable in-country replacement for run down existing buildings; up-skilling these individuals for life. We train staff across our sustainable build system, enhancing their employability and incomes.

Plus, Etopia buildings feed energy back to the Grid; saving homeowners’ money on energy bills and fighting fuel poverty.

good health illustration - Project Etopia

Without health, we can neither work, prosper, nor tackle climate change. We call wellness what it must become; a fundamental, inalienable human right.

The evidence: how are we meeting this SDG?

Etopia buildings feature HEPA filtration systems; proven to improve breathing conditions and asthma. Our buildings are rated as energy positive on EPC; thereby reducing global air pollution from fossil-based energy production. 

Etopia buildings are comfortable, relaxing places to live, smartly heated and shaded. They help our homeowners live happier, calmer lives. 

clean energy illustration - Project Etopia

To safeguard our future environment, energy must not cost the Earth; it must be decoupled from legacy, fossil-based production and made accessible no matter what your income.

Definition; we believe clean energy means: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal, ground source, biomass.

The evidence: how are we meeting this SDG?

Depending on a customer’s precise specification, Etopia buildings are designed from the ground up for Net Zero, carbon neutrality and carbon positivity. They supply clean energy back to the Grid, reducing the demand for fossil-based energy sources.

economic growth illustration - Project Etopia

We believe that sustainable, inclusive economic growth, through full and productive employment and decent work for all enable us to better both ourselves and our environment. We use a mix of traditional and offsite trades to reduce skills gaps and we innovate internally, developing new products, supporting innovation and manufacturing in house.

The evidence: how are we meeting this SDG?

Our build system can be deployed more quickly, adaptably and intelligently than the competition, contributing to a more profitable and more sustainably-driven global construction sector.  

infrastructure illustration - Project Etopia

Inclusive and sustainable industries with innovation at heart tackle the climate crisis and scale up global infrastructure; improving services, jobs and quality of life across the planet. 

The evidence: how are we meeting this SDG?

Our innovative build system can be deployed more quickly, adaptably and intelligently than the competition, contributing to a more profitable, more sustainably-driven global infrastructure and construction sector.

sustainable community illustration - Project Etopia

We believe making cities and settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable is the responsible, rewarding path to take.

The evidence: how are we meeting this SDG?

We build socially-impactful, innovative low carbon communities and cities. Our approach builds sustainability, energy, Net Zero, low carbon housing and IOT technology into the smart cities and green villages of the future. We are developing the blueprints for the smart cities of the future.

responsible consumption - Project Etopia

Planetary resources are finite. Sustainable consumption and production patterns are the only way to ensure quality of life for future generations.

The evidence: how are we meeting this SDG?

Carbon metrics, life cycle assessment, supply chain impacts and the circular economy are all fundamental to our consumption and production. We will set out detailed proof of how we measure our impacts and remain committed to continual assessment and improvement. All of our build materials are recyclable. Where we can do better, we will be transparent about this. 

climate action illustration - Project Etopia

Nothing is more urgent or dangerous than today’s unfolding climate crisis. Working to limit the damage is the collective responsibility of every human and business on earth.

The evidence: how are we meeting this SDG?

Etopia buildings average 105/100 on EPC ratings. Over 25 years, an Etopia home creates 150 tonnes less CO2 than its conventional competition. The same as taking a car off the road for 36 years. 

partnership illustration - Project Etopia

Sustainable development relies on partnerships. We believe the right partnerships can spread messages, sustainability, technological and sociological improvements far more quickly than companies working alone. 

The evidence: how are we meeting this SDG?

To date, we are partnered with global firms including Samsung, accreditation systems including BRE and EDGE and the UK Business Council for Sustainable Development (UKBCSD).

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