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Homelessness and poverty alleviation demonstrator

Katatura, Namibia

We helped local people build an energy-positive home; proving to the world our build system can achieve environmental and social benefits no one ever thought possible.

Namibia – Helping rebuild with a new system, designed to last

Katatura, Namibia; can sustainable housing reimagine people’s lives for better?

Over 300,000 people live in poverty in and around Katatura. Etopia constructed a new, high performance modular home, to illustrate how this technological approach could redefine lives and poverty across Africa.

Our 63 square metre, energy-positive two bedroom home was built in less than three hours. It costs around £350 per square metre and is both hurricane proof and flood proof, with comfortable, light open spaces. Total costs were about £25,000; the average local home costs £102,000. Further, energy costs are almost completely avoided through smart lighting, a solar thermal hot water system and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) unit that produces 20kwh of its own energy per day while only using up 3kwh. Due to Namibia’s enormous amount of sunlight, our solar-powered Katatura building supplies its own power needs and even offers additional power to the electricity grid and local homes via its silicon battery.

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Transformational development only comes with truly collective change

“What does it take for us to enable poor people to have a sustainable, affordable home of their own? Through addressing these social and technological barriers, we can hopefully do something about the challenges we face as a collective of people.” Joe Daniels, Founder and CEO, Etopia.

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