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BRE Innovation Park

Watford, UK

Our test home at BRE’s building science centre is heading up Etopia research on the best-in-class sustainable buildings of the future.

BRE - Overview

We are working on building the highest performing, most sustainable building in the world at BRE.

We are also developing work on the BPS 7014 standard, which will assess the performance of buildings using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) against sustainability, safety and building criteria.

This makes our BRE test house not only part of the most exciting ongoing building research in the country. It makes it a work in progress to fundamentally solve many of the world’s built environment challenges. “Our living lab at BRE is where we prove the sustainable technology solutions we then build out in developments like The Avenue. It’s where we test out the magic of MMC before placing it in the real world.

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