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Powered by Etopia takes Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to the next level - supplying a flexible building system for a Zero Carbon buildings

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We provide performance, cost orientated, sustainable building solutions at

Give us a blank sheet of paper and we’ll create unique houses for you from scratch, or partner with us to plug our technologies and low carbon build systems into your existing plans and ideas. Or simply choose from our range of off the shelf Net Zero homes.

Scalability at speed

2021 capacity
2,000 units per year
2024 capacity
20,000 units per year
Will we deliver on our claims? Let Powered By Etopia suspend your disbelief.
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Main contractors

Are your public and private sector clients seeking low carbon, Net Zero construction solutions? Is specifying modern methods of construction (MMC) essential within your existing and future tenders?

Keen to plug in a holistic low carbon suite across your next development or bid submission?

Powered By Etopia will supply the volume you need at a price that matches or challenges traditional construction. And we have the accreditation and guarantees to keep our promises.

We believe in rejuvenation, levelling up and benchmarking the entire industry for low carbon.

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Developers, SMEs and Net Zero early adopters

Achieving maximum value while mitigating risk are key constituents for successful low carbon commercial developments and refurbishments.

Powered By Etopia will partner with you, identifying and aligning these essentials to develop uniquely high performing buildings at an attractive cost point.

Our modern methods of construction (MMC) offer rapid build speed alongside utmost quality. Seeking peace of mind? Our robust guarantees and warranties safeguard your development into the future.

Our SME-specific partnership suite is as simple or complex as your needs; from 4wall panelling swapping out conventional block and brick to radically bold housing that creates its own energy and power.

We are decarbonising UK development for longevity and Net Zero, powering new partnerships and realising the unimaginable.

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Local authorities

Local authorities face challenging targets for low carbon, Net Zero homes combining outstanding performance and quality.

At Powered By Etopia we understand these drivers, plus the mixture of cost, speed, lifespan and social empowerment that defines local authority housing provision.

Our unique tailored approaches will integrate perfectly with your authorities’ vision for housing.

We are not just creating homes; but homes for people. Join us in transforming the lives of millions of households.

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Housing associations

Powered By Etopia delivers not just homes, but homes for people. We are improving the lives of households across the UK.

To us, this means reducing bills right down to the minimum, creating homes radiant with light, warmth, character and comfort.

We offer expertise across the Net Zero housing agenda’s urgent deadlines. But we will never let these elements outweigh poverty alleviation, ending fuel poverty, social betterment and truly holistic, humanistic housing.

Confused by modern methods of construction (MMC), a myriad of technology and the real world costs and implications of low carbon housing? Let Powered By Etopia be your guide.

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Investors and financial institutions

Seeking ethical investments that make sense within the confused world of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, greenwash or corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

Researching ways to deploy ethically across a future proofed, radically-disruptive sustainability business?

We can help you leverage Net Zero trends and pathways over coming decades to gain a stake in the expanding housing solutions of tomorrow.

The proof

Powered By Etopia offers a set of investment options backed by rock solid metrics, analysis and real world evidence. Our scoping experts have charted the path to Net Zero, uncovering the means by which correctly leveraged green finance will turn major profit for PLCs and planet.

We are transparent at the highest level; guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and influential within top level UK sustainability policy making.

Powered By Etopia; bringing a unique, investable decarbonisation map to the table.

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Familiar with the 2030 RIBA Climate Challenge to help architects meet Net Zero for new and retrofitted buildings?

Powered By Etopia is seeking partnerships with brilliant UK architects to build our suite of Net Zero housing solutions into the designs of tomorrow.

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TRAINING for our build system

We can train your staff to deliver and build any aspect of our solutions suite, speeding build times and scaling up the UK’s sustainable construction skillbase.
Ask us about training

Customised for net zero

Using your custom specifications we’ll deliver unique houses of your very own, built with sustainability at their core to deliver the homes of tomorrow.
Arrange a chat with our architects

Converted for net zero

We can assimilate or convert any existing housing designs, site plans and development templates into our low carbon build system.
Talk to one of our technicians

optimised for net zero

Choose from our catalogue of optimised Net Zero homes, designed for sustainability, smart tech and renewables at price parity with conventional builds.
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Our technologies optimise energy at three key stages.

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1. Energy technology

Clean energy – Roof-mounted solar PV panels absorb light from the sun throughout the day to generate renewable electricity.

Clean air – Mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) brings in clean filtered air through a heat exchanger.

Heat all year round – Air source heat pumps extract energy from the environment giving a high efficiency, renewable heating and hot water solution.

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2. Construction technology

Fabric first approach – High-performance insulation and triple glazing throughout work together to keep heat in and the cold out.

Modern methods of construction (MMC) – Our unique MMC panelling system is strong, quick to build and offers class leading performance across fire rating, water resistance, insulation value, loading strength and acoustic performance. All this within a precision-engineered solution that is efficient, cost-effective, healthy and uniquely sustainable.

Choice of finish – Our homes look precisely as our clients specify, with our tailored range of external finishes.

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3. Intelligent technology

E-verything – Our intelligent smart homes technology turns buildings into living, thinking entities.

E blind – Auto shading prevents our homes from getting too hot; saving energy and preventing heat escaping when the weather cools.

E hub – The hub seamlessly links your homes’ comfort features with energy management technology.

E bulb – Daylight mimicry compensates for any light loss from auto shading.

E switch – Place your light switches wherever you like them to be; enhance your lifestyle with Etopia.

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Our engineering division supplies and installs our technology packages to suit every development and budget.
Engineering the homes of the future
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Why use powered by etopia?


Net Zero by 2050 and government housing regulations prove UK building policy is irreversibly on a low carbon, energy efficient path. Let us guide your sustainable construction goals.

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The Future Homes Standard

From June 2022, UK homes must produce 31% less CO2 compared with today. Following next year, yet more challenging 2025 targets must be met. We can help you meet UK government demands.

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Green finance

Our accreditations and outstanding sustainability credentials make partnering with us a swift, assured and viable route towards winning green finance and funding.

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Let's build something.

Powered By Etopia brings our high performing build system to companies across the industry, through both partnerships and bespoke stakeholder arrangements. From initial planning to delivery and installation, we've got you covered.

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