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Land, life, legacy. Our three defining pillars seek to sustainably and profitably end the UK housing crisis. 

Our three pillars


Every housing developer acquires land. We do more; we buy land only to deliver sustainable, transformational developments beyond the scope, vision or ability of our competitors. Why? Available development space in the UK is limited; therefore it’s essential newly-developed land is only used for truly environmental, innovative housing fit for people and planet.


We are a specialist low carbon housing developer like no other. We are deeply leveraged within UK government. Our commitment and expertise across the UK Net Zero transition is absolute. Why? Because Net Zero homes are essential to a better way of life.


We build our very own developments, but welcome partnerships and joint ventures across land acquisition, finance, project delivery and more. Why? Pooling resources and expertise speeds efficiency. The result; profitable, successful, sustainable developments offering a meaningful, long term legacy. 

‘We do not only deliver Net Zero housing faster; we do so for the long term. Our developments must last for generations. We ask that our partners share our uniquely sustainable vision for UK housing, joining our journey.’ 

James Pikett, Development Director, Etopia Homes
Case study
The Avenue at Priors Hall Park
Corby, Northamptonshire
47 new homes

This development consists of 31 houses and 16 apartments; all built to our modern methods of construction (MMC).

105/100 EPC

Our average EPC rating is 105/100; to our knowledge the highest energy efficiency rating presently available in the UK.

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Wilburton – a true sustainability story

Wilburton, our new housing development, sets an unprecedented standard for homeowner health. Discover Wilburton’s unique approach to healthy, humanistic housing and how it can benefit your family.

Vital themes we’ve built into every Wilburton home include Wellbeing, Environment, Location, Livability, Nature, Education, Sustainability and Strength.

Together, these create WELLNESS; our key pledge on the quality a Wilburton home will bring to your life.

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Environmentally principled partnerships, corporate land acquisition and joint ventures. 
Etopia Homes is actively acquiring land across the country. We have secure financial backing readily available, enabling speed and flexibility. 

We will work closely with both landowners and agents, securing optimum solutions and outcomes. With the immediate funds to pursue freehold acquisitions, we also seek stakeholders for long term promotion/option agreements and innovative joint ventures and conditional/unconditional contracts subject to planning. 

Our holistic approach to low carbon housing development spreads and minimises risk, while hastening timelines and affordability. We are experts in land purchase, stakeholder engagement and legally aligning partnerships.

Our land requirements:

- Residential development opportunities; with / without outline planning consent.
- 50 to 150 new homes, across both housing and apartment schemes.

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Our sustainability credentials in detail


Our commitment to sustainability and Net Zero across our portfolio is absolute.

Sustainability policy and guidelines

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Three fundamental pillars; sustainability, society and technology guide our approach to redefining living for better. 

Reshaping UK housing

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Carbon metrics and proof

Seeking persuasion on our claims? Here’s proof on why we are the leading UK developer based on sustainability. 

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Here’s a selection of currently available eco homes

The Avenue, Corby

The Solus Apartments. A range of 1 & 2 bed apartments. 573—832 sq ft.

from £187,500

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The Avenue, Corby

The Naturae. Final one remaining!
1,820 sq ft.


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The Avenue, Corby

The Tellus. Last two remaining!
1,444 sq ft.

From £325,000

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Tom Yeomanson - Project Etopia
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