We put sustainability at the heart of UK self builds. Plus; we will personalise your home for your way of life. 
Ready to imagine your new green home? Etopia Custom is with you every step of the way.
Why compromise your vision for sustainability? At Etopia Custom you don't have to. We can build your dream home and make it green too.
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Custom builds for customised life.


For every home we build, we supply a full technical drawing package and 3D imaging. We will work with your architects to optimise designs for you. We have the imagination, the skills and the building system to suit every need.


We offer you a choice from our bespoke range of sustainable technologies. Across solar power, mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR), battery storage and more, we can build the sustainable home of your dreams.


Our unique timber and varying MMC solutions are strong and quick to build. We can plug our technologies into existing frameworks too, as well as turnkey. All this within precision-engineered solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, healthy and uniquely sustainable.

UK heritage

Key to a successful self build are personal touch and years of experience. In May 2020, UK company Tribus became part of the Etopia family. Our philosophy and technology combined with Tribus’ experience and ability make this a perfect match.

The directors of Tribus are Lee McArdle and Andrew Coles. Lee has appeared on numerous television shows, such as Grand Designs, My Flat Pack Home, Building the Dream and DIY SOS. Lee has also completed his own self build project and is happy to share that experience with you.

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“Etopia Custom is a binding, long term symbiosis of technology, living and environment. Your life is unique. We believe your house should be too.”

Lee Mcardle
Managing Director of Etopia Custom
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