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We help councils, landowners and local authorities develop and deliver Net Zero communities; transforming lives for homeowners and planners.

Net zero cities of the future and the climate emergency.
74% of UK councils have declared a climate emergency to date. These local authorities can lead action on tomorrow’s Net Zero cities, but they need guidance and support. 
Part of their challenge involves the complexities of energy, electric vehicles, smart grids or green housing accreditations like EDGE. Our expertise can help unlock the opportunities for authorities across the country, hastening Net Zero progress and acting today to limit the climate crisis. 
Garden cities - a new synergy of urban and rural sustainability.
The garden city movement is an urban planning method whereby sustainable communities are surrounded by greenbelts containing proportionate areas of residences, industry, and agriculture.
We can advise on the concept, planning and creation stages of these more holistic, intelligent approaches to today’s cities.
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Powered By Etopia and Etopia Communities: building Net Zero, today.
The Powered By Etopia solutions suite works holistically within Etopia Communities masterplanning; offering developers, councils, landowners and local authorities a blank sheet of paper to create unique Net Zero houses from scratch, or partner options to plug our technologies and low carbon build systems into your existing plans and ideas. Or simply choose from our range of off the shelf Net Zero homes to masterplan your Net Zero communities.
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